Friday, January 09, 2015

Mighty Mouse.

Yesterday afternoon I loaded the mouse traps with peanut butter, set them, and put them in the garage, certain I would find at least one mouse carcass. I placed this trap next to the pile of birdseed that Brewier dumped from a flower pot. He needed the pot to assemble and try out the infamous flower pot heater, the one that is supposed to warm a room using only a couple of tea lights.

I'm not sure about it heating a room, but our mouse must have been in rodent Nirvana as he dined on peanut butter, and seeds, bathed in its warmth. I only know this , because Megan went in the garage and witnessed it. Both traps failed to spring shut, so I reloaded them with peanut butter, and hoped that over night I would hear it's tell tale pop. It didn't happen. The mouse however, did enjoy his second course of peanut butter.

Today, Oliver got to live out one of his dreams, by skating on our frozen pond.

And I came across this as I was going through some of my vintage ephemera. Ask me how depressed I am now.

1 comment:

Linda Sue McKinney said...

out of date chart - you are whupping yourself with old data ;)
OK I think putting out a feast for the vermin isn't best plan to get 'em to go for the trap with a "i'm hungry" abandon!
Your life continues to be a real trip - Oliver's skating fantasy fulfillment is wonderful