Saturday, January 03, 2015

In a Funk.

I don't know if its post holiday depression, with nothing to look forward to, or the anxiety of Brewier entering his 7th month of unemployment, but, I've been in such a melancholy funk today; so I'm drinking Prossecco, and listening to music. It helps if only momentarily. As I look through my journals, as I post new things into them, I read all my yearly goals, and they all say the same thing: have an adventure. This year; I'm getting a passport, in hopes of making this resolution come true.
I spent today going through boxes that hadn't been unpacked since we left FL. Yeah, I still had some of those. I culled through my jewelry, getting lost in the nostalgia of some of the pieces; especially those I've had since high school. I dream of time traveling, and being able to go back to specific times in my life, like when I was in high school, and spent all of my time in my room, wanting nothing to do with my family. I'd go back now, and cherish that time with them. Yeah, Like I said, I'm a bit melancholy today. (It might also have something to do with all the Friends episodes I've been binge watching on Netflix.)

Old jewelry.

My azalea is getting new leaves. It's as confused by our warmer than normal temperatures, as I am.

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Elizabeth said...

The day you posted this, I was feeling the exact same way, but for no real reason. I think I always get this way right after Christmas and the first week of January. I tend to project to the future and think of dire scenarios for some reason. Then it all goes away by mid Jan. Not a fun feeling :( I hope 2015 treats your family well!