Thursday, January 29, 2015

If It Looks a Little Strange....

I reverted my blog back to my original template, for throw back Thursday. All the links, and, the, "What I'm doing," is from the day I saved my template. I kind of miss the old school, write my own html, blogging.
I'm feeling pretty crummy, and crabby, today...and I'm tired of not being able to taste anything. Just when I think I might be getting over this cold, BAM! I'm knocked down again. When I'm tired of being prone, I've been drawing and painting robots, for my soon to open new Etsy shop. Oliver joined me and drew his own, three legged, smiling robot.

I did escape from my prison house today to go see Sophie, at her shop, The Bee Hive Coffee House, and have an americano.

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