Sunday, January 04, 2015

He's Full of Good Ideas.

I'd been going a little stir crazy, from being inside most of this past week, so when Oliver said he wanted to go to Chimney Rock, I was game. It was grey and rainy, but pretty warm at 60 degrees. I noticed on our drive, that all the plants are confused by this warm weather and have started budding; the forest is turning green in the midst of winter. Other than half a dozen cars from Florida, Chimney Rock was empty; I love it like that. Oliver was a trooper and both climbed and descended the stairs by himself, meaning one tired boy, and early bedtime for him. (oh yeah!) After leaving Chimney Rock, we made the very short dive to Lake Lure and the Flowering bridge. Instead of demo-ing the old bridge when the new, bigger bridge was built, the town turned it into a walkway/garden.

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