Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy New Year.

It was a quiet one here, just Brewier and I. Megan invited a friend to spend the night, but they stayed down in Megs apartment. I was so happy to be able to video chat with Darlene, Renee, and Sarah. Those are the people I usually celebrate the new year with.
Brewier, Megan, and I were talking about our personal highlights of this past year, so here are my top three.

Meeting Jane. Now that we've met, something I never thought would happen, I really hope we get a chance to spend time together again...without my entourage.

Hiking in TN, with Ray, Jessica and the kids. A totally unplanned, and perfect day.

Finding Mountain Mojo. The best coffee, and my entire social life.

Yesterday at Mountain Mojo.

Megan and her friend Jess partied hard last night with 3 bottles of ginger ale.

We had a surprise visit from Livi, who is in NC to go snowboarding.

Today I had planned to take down the Christmas decorations, but unlike most years, when I'm anxious to put them away, I find I'm still enjoying them, so, we'll see. My other project for the day, (I'm trying to keep busy because I'm missing my friends something terrible,) is to convert our computer armoire into a crafting workspace. As my family so lovingly tells me, I need to start making some money.

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