Friday, January 16, 2015

Getting Out of the House.

Our friend Sophie, who we first met when she was a barista at Mountain Mojo, has opened up a coffee shop, The Beehive Coffee Bar, and today we went and visited her, and had a couple of delicious Americanos. Sophie's shop is so cute and so her.
Once we were fully caffeinated we made the trip to and about 50 other people. I have never seen it so empty; we love it that way. You notice so much more when you aren't fighting crowds. I'm really looking forward to February 5th, The Biltmore will have on display, for six weeks, costumes from Downton Abby. People, I have two free tickets if you want to visit the estate. The gift shop already has a Downton Abbey section. I love following first time visitors into the estate because so may of the exclaim, "This is like Downton Abbey."
Oliver had a blast, I think he enjoyed the spontaneity of the day as he kept telling us, "This is so much fun!"

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Elizabeth said...

Ooooo, that would be so much fun! I worked in the theater arts dept. in college, and love period costumes!!! Will they let you take pictures?

On another note, last night I had a very vivid dream that I came to visit you! You were with Oliver in the driveway and it was snowing. You didn't see me at first and I called out to you. You looked puzzled, then excited to see me!! It was so real.