Wednesday, December 17, 2014

So, Yesterdays Post...

Didn't come out quite like I wanted, but then Oliver was sitting next to me the whole time asking every few seconds if I was done blogging so he could play Dr Who. It makes writing a complete thought rather difficult. I'd like to be able to blog like my friend Jane. She's a great writer; I have trouble putting to paper how I feel without sounding desperate and whiney, which is why so many of my posts are just photos.
Lately, I've really been missing having friends to do Christmasy things with; even if it's just getting a cup of coffee.
I have a few internet friends who I'd love to live close to...maybe when I get that travel trailer that I dream of. Until then, I'm so blessed to have this guy to hang out with.


Monica Ritchie said...

You dont sound desperate and throw the truth out there for the world to see...that is not easy pretty convinced that it is the very reason the Hemingway was a hopeless drunk, because sober he didnt have the courage to write.

Elizabeth said...

I agree with Monica. It's your honest posts that drew me to follow you :) I would love to have a little companion like that during the day!