Monday, December 01, 2014

Monday, Monday.

Laundry, cleaning, a little crafting. Missing my friends and family. Gorgeous weather today; 68 degrees, I ate pie instead of going hiking like planned. Praying for a job to come Brewiers' way.
Addison celebrated her eighth birthday yesterday. I called to wish her happy birthday and she told me she is saving her money to buy a house in NC so she can live by me; her current total is $42, which she said is almost enough to do that.

I made this.

Sometimes he is so serious.

I meant to post this back in September. We were driving along Interstate 40, early in the morning, on our way to Danville, Ky, and the fog came pouring over the mountainside. It was spectacular.

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Elizabeth said...

Cool fog pictures! I'll say a prayer for you guys, that a job comes your way.