Monday, December 08, 2014

It's Starting to Look alot Like Christmas.

We've had a fun few days, full of pre Christmas activities. Brewier and I did a day trip to Greenville, SC, because I needed to walk around a mall and look at pretty things. Seriously, this is a legitimate need for my mental health. Sephora, Pottery Barn,(for a much desired catalog,) Macy's, and our main reason for going, Costco. For Brewier, this is not so much fun. I think he'd prefer a trip to the dentist; but he loves me and lets me drag him from store to store, without complaint.
We've been to the Grove Arcade to see the best Santa ever. Oliver was so shy and hesitant, but Santa pulled out a photo album of all his reindeer, and let Oliver hold and shake his sleigh bells.
Friday night, Biltmore Village was lined with luminaries, and had a madrigal choir singing Christmas songs,and
yesterday was the Big Crafty, held at the Asheville Art museum. What fun! There are so many talented artists in the Asheville area. and I was able to meet, Audrey Laine the lovely woman who made my favorite necklace. And because Asheville is awesome, There was free local beer, and pastries from Short Street Cakes.
I went into the courtyard to drink my beer, while Brewier and this woman, whose name I forget, climbed on the rhino sculpture, monkey bars.
And this is the reason I'm not posting pictures of my outfits. Well...this and the fact I've gained about 15 pounds.
This the entirety of my winter wardrobe. Three pairs of jeans, two long sleeve t-shirts, and two sweaters from Goodwill, one too big and one too small. I need to go shopping.

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Elizabeth said...

The first picture of Oliver is so cute! I want to squish those sweet little cheeks! I'm still trying to put up my decorations. Caitlin is in the middle of finals, and I don't have her help this year hahah.