Friday, December 19, 2014

Gingerbread Houses From Hell.

Back in 2009, Not Martha, posted these adorable little gingerbread houses she made, that would sit on the edge of your mug. I saw them and knew I had to make them. I'm an avid baker; I've made and sold many, many gingerbread houses, so I thought these would be easy. I was SO WRONG. They were difficult to make and turned out wonky. I blamed it on the fact it was during the time I was sick and dying. No, thats not an exaggeration, I really was. The energy it took to shower in the morning, would land me back in bed for the day...I showered, maybe twice a week. So, I blamed my cookie baking failure on my health.
Today I decided to attempt making these houses again. This recipe and idea are so popular, that Not Martha, has even designed, and sells cookie cutters to make the pieces of the house, though I stuck to using her original template and cutting the shapes with a knife. As I made the dough, I had visions of all the family, (15 of us,) sipping hot chocolate on Christmas Eve, with tiny houses perched on our cups. It would be so cute! Once again, I followed her directions, and tips, to the tee. Once again, it was a massive failure, and I had the same problems as I did five years ago. No matter what I did, the dough that was supposed to peel away from the cut pieces, stuck to the foil. It was...a mess. I don't swear, never have, but this dough brought me close to it.

While I was in the kitchen torturing myself, Oliver was working on a Pinterest project we found, which was much more fun and successful than my baking.

I asked him to look up at me and smile. He answered me, saying, "But Maemae, I can't, I'm painting!"

The big reveal.

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Just Me said...

How much cuter can your family get? Oliver is so photogenic and adorable. What a great project and well done, Oliver!

Your home looks like a Christmas wonderland....even without your gingerbread treats.