Monday, December 29, 2014

Crazy Christmas.

Who was I kidding, thinking I'd be able to take decent photos and post throughout Christmas. Whew. I love my crazy, loud grandchildren, but they have about 500% more energy than me. Our time together was spent just hanging out and drinking coffee, no big adventures or anything. The most exciting thing was Kate losing her first tooth, (her upper tooth was knocked out awhile ago.) Jessica, Ray and the ids have been gone about an hour now; headed back to Florida, and the quietness has been lovely...but now I'm starting to miss them.

Cirque du Megan.

Dance party.

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Elizabeth said...

I love how are Christmas trees almost look the same!
I bet with five little ones running around, it probably was crazy, but fun. I love letting the house get messy on Christmas, and not even thinking about it and just enjoying the family.
I miss my guys too, even though they are only 20 miles away. It's far to quiet today in my house.