Sunday, November 30, 2014

Yes, We Have a Ghost.

It's not the first time I've lived in a house with strange going on's; in fact the only house I've lived in that hasn't been weird, is the big, old house we lived in last year. In previous homes, Brewier and I have had a cat jump into bed with us, only to turn on the light and there isn't a cat; she was asleep in a chair on the opposite side of the house. Then there was the house that would have a grey streak fly through one window, (like in Lost,) across the family room and fly out a kitchen window. This happened several times; Jessica got to witness it once, and the cat always saw, and watched it. Our house in Wesley Chapel, was really creepy, and the kids never wanted to go in the master bedroom, or bathroom, seriously... really creepy, and slightly threatening.
Ever since we moved into this house, I've been telling Brewier that the sound of someone walking around in the kitchen at night, wakes me up; he said it was the wood floors popping. Last night I was vindicated, when at 12:30, I came out of my bedroom, met Brewier coming down the steps from his room, and Megan coming up the steps from her office, all of us wondering who was walking and banging around in the kitchen. The words, "I told you so!" may have escaped my mouth. Yet another reason to believe in a parallel universe.


Elizabeth said...

I have seen the gray thing you mentioned once in a house we lived in. It seemed like it flashed up the stair case. In this house, I swear I hear something in one of the rooms down the hall, but always when I'm in the family room. I think the man who lived here is attached to this house still.
Hope your ghost is friendly. Maybe there is a spirit attached to you or one of your family members??

Kathleen said...

wow...i have never experienced such a thing. only heard stories...i think i would pass out...or throw up. or both. lol