Saturday, November 01, 2014

Winter Wonderland!

Although technically it isn't winter yet. My last post, the one where I was outside painting, it was 78 degrees. Today we have 5.5 inches of snow, and are giddy over the prospect of playing outside and having snowball fights. After a hearty breakfast of hot chocolate and bacon, we decided a trip to the Biltmore was in order; we knew it would be beautiful and as Oliver stressed, thats where all our family snowball fights take place.

If you went to the Biltmore today, and there were foot prints all over the front lawn, totally ruining your photos; sorry, that was us.

Oliver decided knocking down his snowman was a lot more fun than building it. Then Megan joined in.

Fall leaves, heavy with snow. It's a bit surreal in person.


Tim Goldsmith said...

Lovely to look at, particularly after a 96 degree day here! You got to enjoy your snowball fight, I got to have an early morning surf!
The summer-winter divide always makes me marvel at the size of the world.

Elizabeth said...

Lucky you! Looks beautiful 😊