Wednesday, November 05, 2014

The Raising of the Christmas Tree.

It's a pretty big deal at the Biltmore. Every year the cart in a 35 foot tree to erect in the banquet hall. People and the media show up in droves, which is why Brewier and I kept our distance. The fragrance level was double the size of the crowd. We watched the tree go by, then turned around and went back to our car. As we were getting ready to exit the parking lot, we were asked to wait so the horses and empty wagon could go by. Later in the afternoon, we all went back to the Biltmore to watch the staff decorate the tree. This is the one one time during the year that you are allowed to take photos, and only in the banquet hall. I pushed my luck and snapped a few other photos in the lower level of the house. There so much fantastic srt at the estate, and the home and its rooms were designed, not for function, but to house specific pieces of art.
Of course after seeing the BIltmore all decked out for Christmas, Oliver is begging to put our tree up. He wants to decorate it by himself. Last year I let him help decorate, thinking I could place the ornaments where I wanted them, after he went to bed. No such luck. He noticed every single change I made to the tree.

We ended our day with dinner at the Stable Cafe. The booths are the actual stables!

As we were walking to our car, I passed this tree, with which I had an instant conection. Doesn't it look like my ankle tumor?


Elizabeth said...

OOO, thanks for showing us the inside :) Lovely!

Monica Ritchie said...

i love that they use a horse and cart instead of a truck to bring the tree up to the castle.