Monday, November 24, 2014

So, Yeah...

When I'm stressed, I don't blog. Instead I bake, eat said baked goods, and get depressed at the weight I gain, causing even more stress. Brewier, wise man that he is, told me this morning I wasn't fat, just bloated from what I'd been eating. Men, take notes; this is what you say to your wife when she says she is fat. Despite the stress, I've had a pretty good time this week. Oliver likes looking at Pinterest with me, and we've started a craft board for him. His first request was to make a sparkly house, so I introduced him to glitter. He's a fan.

Despite our below freezing temperatures, we still try to get out once a week to hike. Oliver had been asking to go to Chimney Rock, so when the temperature reached 50 degrees, we took him there to climb rocks. It was so cold and windy that the park was nearly empty, so we were able to take the elevator up, instead of climbing the 500+ stairs. Once at the top, the park has a live cam, so you can call friends and family, then they can get online and see you. I called Jessica and Megan, and they were both able to see us waving at them. Just as I hung up from talking to Jessica, I saw a dollar bill, about to blow over the cliff. I ran to grab it, and caught it just in time. Bonus: it wasn't a dollar, but a twenty. I think it was Gods way of answering my prayer to him that morning.
The tunnel through the mountain, to get to the elevator. Oliver kept asking if we were going to see dinosaurs.

That's Chimney Rock. See the flag sticking straight out? Incredibly windy that day. Oliver was running around on top of the rocks, and several people were concerned that the wind was going to pick him up and blow him away. For real.

This beautiful redhead, is Kelly, our friend and favorite barista. She is studying for her degree in speech pathology, and needed some mouths to inspect, so we volunteered. (She already has a degree in neural science, just bought her first home, is a professional baker, who works at a downtown restaurant. She is 23.)

Some of the exercises we had to do were pretty funny.

Saturday morning was the Asheville Holiday Parade. Waaaaaay too long; we didn't stay for all of it.

These two guys at breakfast this cute.

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Elizabeth said...

Lovely pictures of your climb! Love the story of the 20 dollar bill. Sorry to hear about all the stress, not fun especially now around the holidays :( Hang in there.