Monday, November 03, 2014

Pajama Monday.

The day I don't shower and get dressed until my house is clean. I know most people dread the tasks of laundry, dusting, and cleaning; but as I've said before, I really enjoy it. Right now I'm feeling like Julia Child, because I used up all the bits and pieces in my refrigerator to make dinner. Fried rice, roasted vegetables and garlic shrimp. You've got to remember, I'm a baker not a cook, so this is like a Big Deal for me.
Things are starting to thaw here; our temp today reached 62 degrees. I was outside barefoot, no sweater, and I wasn't cold; yes, I've acclimated. Because of the warmer temperature, Brewier was able to put a second coat of paint on my dresser; now I need new knobs. The ones I want, and have been lusting after for years, are $14 each. Yikes! Although, I could justify the purchase since the price of new hardware is less than the price of a new dresser. Aren't they beautiful?

I do love mother of pearl. I paid extra to have the center of my high school class ring be made of mother of pearl. You know, the ring I wore for all of eight months. (I know, it's blurry, my camera didn't want to focus, and I was too lazy to fiddle with it.)

Sarah, who knows me oh so well, gave me this mother of pearl, trinket box, for my birthday. I love it.

Brewier said I could order the knobs as a birthday present, so....see ya.

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