Friday, November 28, 2014

One Liners.

That's what some of my blog posts are about to become. Jessica gave me the, "Line a Day," journal last year, and I stuck with it until our move, and it was misplaced. Blogging is so much easier for me than journaling, so some days, I'm just going to have a photo, or a sentence about my day. Today the line would have to be, "Fed the boys pie for breakfast."
Yesterday we woke up to snow; it was perfect. Unfortunately, because we only get one station on our tv, we didn't get to watch the Macy's Parade. This the first time I've ever missed it. Most of our day was spent in our pajamas; Oliver's friend Alex, spent the night, and his mom, Jess, who is a nurse, came here when she got off of work, to sleep. Having them here made Thanksgiving so much better.
While the boys played with legos, I worked on ornaments for the grandchildren. I've wanted a wood burning tool since I was a kid, and I finally bought myself one.

We had our Thanksgiving meal late in the afternoon, before Jess had to leave for work. This is when I miss having a proper dining table. The six of us were seated at our little round kitchen table, leaving no room for flowers or pretty place settings; so no pictures this year. Megan made the dinner and it was delicious!
Today, to Olivers delight, we are putting up our Christmas tree. He's been running around the house, arms out like an airplane, shouting, "It's Christmas tree time! It's Christmas tree time!"
Today is Megans big Black Friday sale; everything in her shop is 25% This is how she supports herself, and the next four days is her bread and butter. If you have a science lover on your Christmas list, I'd love for you to visit her shop.

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