Sunday, November 02, 2014

I'm So Glad We Have an Exercise Bike.

This morning started out with an epic snowball fight. Epic I tell you. Oliver was the Commander in Chief, giving us all orders on who to hit. It quickly deteriorated into a, who can hit who in the face the most. After 15 minutes my head was snow encrusted and I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe. Twenty minutes after coming inside, I remembered I 'd left my phone in my coat pocket. When I went to retrieve it, is was buried in my pocket. It's now out of its case, drying out.

This is why I'm glad we have an exercise bike. Lets face it, isn't this what everyones exercise equipment is actually used for?

Other things on my mind today;

My dream. Sigh......

Two days before the snow.

Diana Gabaldon and her book, "Outlander." Time travel, historical fiction, and romance makes for a great story. I read the book years ago, and have just started watching the mini series...for the second time, because I was having withdrawal. But don't ask me to watch episode 7 with you.

I enjoy anything involving time travel or the space time continuum. This morning we've been talking about John Titor, a supposed time traveler. If you ever come to visit me be prepared. We spend quite a bit of time here discussing multi-verse's, theoretical physics, aliens, and conspiracy theories.

Today I decided I'd teach myself to knit. I went to my craft closet and realized I'd sold all the knitting needles I'd been given, because I don't knit. Another thing I want to learn to do is can. I've wanted to do this for the past 20 years so, what am I waiting for?

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