Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I Am the Luckiest.

Monday, I got a call from Jessica, asking what we were doing on Tuesday. "Well, you know, I have such a busy schedule," I lied. I forgot She and the family were in TN, this week, visiting Rays grandfather. Jessica said they were planning on going hiking at Fall Creek Falls, and would we want to make the four hour drive to see them. Are you kidding? I could hardly sleep Monday night, I was so excited about getting to spend the day with them. Oliver and Megan were under the weather, and stayed home. It was kind of nice, just Brewier and I going; I haven't spent time with Jessicas kids, without Oliver, since he's been born.
The park is breathtaking, and the weather was perfect.

A real swinging, and very bouncy, bridge.

(photo by Kate)


Elizabeth said...

Well that looks like a whole lot of fun! How nice to spend the day with your beautiful family!

Vickie said...

Great photos! We loved it there last year when we went. Looks like you all had a great time!

Just Me said...

Surprise visits are the best. I bet the girls were so excited to see you and looks like everyone had a wonderful day. Beautiful spot and almost as beautiful as your family. What a glorious day!