Sunday, October 19, 2014

Why Can't I Just Be Fat and Happy?

Cheese plates, chocolate, and wine, oh my. Everyday I pledge to not eat dairy, sugar, or wheat. Everyday I succomb to the power of the cheese plate, olives, bread, and bottle of wine, and now, Purdy's Chocolate, mostly because everyday feels like a vacation with Brewier at home; plus it's fall, and gorgeous out; shouldn't we celebrate? I would be concerned that I had a drinking problem, except that I will only drink 19 Crimes wine, nothing else.
You will not be seeing any pictures of my outfits for a while...I can barely button my jeans. For real.
Here I am hiding in Brewiers shadow.

Oliver and I on a bridge at the Botanical Gardens.

This is why they're called the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Coffee at the Biltmore this morning.

On the back deck this afternoon. Yep, thats a bottle of 19 Crimes.

And now, I must go. The aroma of baking chocolate chip cookies calls me.

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