Monday, October 27, 2014

Oh Oliver.

This morning I woke up to Oliver staring at me in bed. He had awoken at 4am, and after an hour of fidgeting, I gave him the ipad, put on Netflix, and while he binge watched Rescue Bots, I went back to sleep. After gazing at me for a few more minutes, he finally said, "Maemae, your head is really big this morning. Did it grow last night?" "What?" I sleepily murmured. "Your head is really, really big!" He giggled. Yeah, whatever I thought, peering at him through barely open eyes. After a few minutes I was able to roll my aching joints, and extra large head, out of bed. I looked in the mirror, and my face was swollen to twice its normal size; a result of yesterdays folly, I'm certain. Hiking in the pollen filled woods, eating potato chips and pumpkin bread for lunch, oh and a nice salty hot dog for breakfast, then for dinner, a generous portion of mac and cheese, chocolate, more pumpkin bread, and wine, then a big bowl of buttery, salty popcorn, while Brewier and I watched Resurrection. Changes must be made, so I started researching the,"Whole 30," eating plan; it's pretty much how I used to eat when I lived in FL, but then I moved here, started feeling healthy, and started. eating all the inflammatory foods I love and am sensitive to, and that make me sick. And while it's been fun, my body is protesting. My normal course of action would to be to throw out, or giveaway, all the forbidden food in my house, immediately start the eating plan, only to give up two days later because I was unprepared and feel deprived. So this afternoon I'm drinking coffee, eating milk chocolate, and making plans to eat healthier.

As I write this, I'm sitting on our back deck, bathed in gorgeous fall sunshine. Brewier, and Oliver are on the deck below me, working on building a frame to go over our generator. When I first came outside, Oliver ran across the deck below me and hid under the deck stairs, trying to escape the noise of Brewier sawing, (He's sensitive to noise, like me.) I thought it would be funny to growl at him like a bear, so I did. He jumped about a foot of the ground, gave a barely audible cry of, "Yikes!" then started running down the stairs and INTO THE know, where the bears would actually be. Oh Oliver.

We've had the most beautiful weather, and have been spending as much time as possible outside. I love being outdoors, hiking, and rock climbing, and am so happy to be living in a place I can do those things.


Elizabeth said...

Oh no on the swollen face :( Today I actually forced myself to go to the gym. I felt better when I got home, and back on track.
Oh that glorious stream! I sure wish I had one close by. Truth be told, I have even been to the beach in literally years, and we live so close!

Linda Sue McKinney said...

ay yi yi re:beyond the realm bloated/swollen - you poor dear - just like I'll be in a day or so since I binged out on crispy, crunchy salty oily potato chips! These self infliced wounds - nasty things and so hard to reconcile with my self concept of being a rational, thinking human.:::sigh:::: well there is always tomorrow - unless there isn't
Gorgeous place for walking/hiking - so very glad y'all moved