Thursday, October 09, 2014


I had an entire blog post composed about my visit to Orlando, and deleted it because it was just too whiney. Suffice it to say, I get poisoned, cranky, sick, and whiney in FL.
What I did notice while in Tampa and Orlando, was, people seem nicer, and friendlier. The sunsets are beautiful, and the palm trees still make me smile. Park Ave, is breathtaking and looks like something out of a movie. I can understand why so many people love the state.
My plans for visiting friends and family were waylaid when Oliver got sick, and then I was without a car for a day because two allen wrenches became embedded in my tire, and it had to be replaced.
I had a short visit with my mom at my brother, Roger's, house. She is not doing well. Before her knee replacement, she was the picture of health, but the drugs they gave her had made her severely anemic, and given her pancreatitis. She says she feels like she is dying; and the last time I talked to her, the doctor wanted to put her back in the hospital. I'm concerned.

My handsome and sweet nephew, Nathan.

Megan, Keith and Jose...all grown up.

The view from the parking lot of Trader Joes, Winter Park.

Sarah and the other kind of wine. In this case, prossecco.

My old house. It makes me sad to see it getting run down.

The evil allen wrenches. The tire guy said he's never seen anything like it.


Linda Sue McKinney said...

Oh you got me with the plastic flamingos - love 'em - the ultimate in kitsch
we will visit Florida in March - meeting friends from Europe in Ft. Lauderdale. First time I'll have been there since - well since I was born at MacDill AFB near Tampa!
I recall pictures of your mother and she has obviously changed. So sorry -

Kevin VanHook said...

Sorry to hear your Mom's not doing well and you didn't have the best of times. Glad you got to see the family and make the most out of it. Been too long since I've seen any of you in the flesh. I've managed to see Ken every few years for awhile now when I go back to see my Kentucky and Indiana family.

Take care of yourself and all my best always.

Kevin VanHook said...
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Elizabeth said...

So sorry to hear about your mom Tricia. I hope she gets better. Oh, and that is not cool about the tires :( That really would put a "wrench" into your trip! I sure can see the charm of Florida, but I don't think I could live there with what you have been saying about it either. At least you had some fun visits with family and friends.