Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I Love Grey

Grey days, grey walls, and well, Grey's Anatomy.
Yesterday was grey, rainy, and blustery, with tornado warnings all day. I pretty much loved it. I spent the entire day in the kitchen and my house smells wonderful. As I type this, it is once again grey and rainy, but most of the day saw clear blue skies, and temperatures hovering around 60 degrees. I'm drinking so many cups of milky tea, it's a wonder I can sleep at night. Before the rain came Brewier and I walked up our road and cut down some Bittersweet vine. I've always wanted to live somewhere that I could do that; I'm a hunter, gatherer and crafter by nature. Today, with the, um, "help," of Oliver, I attempted to make a bittersweet wreath. I need some practice. Oliver was keen on raking up all the leaves the storm blew down, and became quite distraught when the wind kicked up and started to disturb the pile he worked so hard on. I thought he threw himself on the leaves to play in them, but no, he was trying to keep them from blowing away, and lay on top of them for at least five minutes.
Don't you love my grey walls? Brewier painted them while I was in Florida; what a surprise! I love them so much. Not only did I come home to beautiful walls, but my favorite bottle of wine was waiting for me, and the kitchen was spotless. Now that's romantic.
And Grey's Anatomy...I'm amazed it's in it's eleventh season!

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Elizabeth said...

Yay, you were able to paint the walls! I'm sure it make a world of difference for you. They look great!
I sure do love a grey day as well, and that is what I'm finally getting today myself, although I sure wish it was more in the 60 degree range outside.