Saturday, October 04, 2014

I Knew Better and Did it Anyway.

But I promised Addison a new dress, so I went to Target, AND Marshalls yesterday morning before getting together with Jane and Sandra. How toxic were the stores? Well, even Addison kept telling me her eyes were doing weird things, and her brain felt funny; I was going full on space cadet, barely able to speak. (Hours later when I arrived in Orlando at Darlenes, she noticed right away I was poisoned. Florida, you are not the state for me.)
I was supposed to meet up with my Canadian friends at the beach, but my nose had gotten pretty burnt the day before, so I passed on that adventure, and the ladies juggled their plans, and were kind enough to drive to Jessicas for a visit. Unfortunately by the time Sandra and Jane arrived at , I had the beginnings of a migraine, and had become super crabby from my shopping adventure. Grrr. Sandra was ever so kind and gave me a fantastic neck and shoulder massage, which helped immensely. I really hope these wonderful, lovely, ladies can visit me in Asheville sometime. It was such a pleasure to meet and visit with them, and I think if we lived in the same town, we'd be great friends.

Addison in her new dress.

morning muffins at Target.

As I said, I stopped by Darlenes for a quick hello, then picked up fried shrimp, and met with Sarah, at Renee's house, where we are staying. After eating, we lazed on the bed and talked fashion. For hours. It was awesome.

And now, my Saturday adventures begin...with a shopping trip to Marshalls. I know better and am doing it anyway.


Linda Sue McKinney said...

we call those self inflicted wounds - I saw a woman at church yesterday who looked SO much like Sarah - kept me wondering since several of our church members have strong ties to Sarah's family. But she was with you in Florida so there ya go.
Ah fashion she is a fickle gal - I'm now in the second worst part of a year's fashion voyage - have the swimsuit season done - now searching for a winter coat - no we don't often need dressy winter coats but I would LIKE a good - preferably navy color (but am being told it isn't dressy if it isn't black) sigh

Linda Sue McKinney said...

so what do you think - should I give up and look for black? reason I was going for navy was an end of season purchase of lovely warm light brown wedge heeled suede boots (descriptive enough?heheehe) like navy and camel/tan combos but that isn't the definition of dressy as in LBD isn't an LND

Linda Sue McKinney said...

and one more thing - hehe
found this video about Whole Foods - somehow the line about kombucha (?spelling)made me think of you