Friday, October 24, 2014

For My Friends Who Live in Eternal Summer

Yes, it's fall here, and it's gorgeous.

We are supposed to have a hellacious winter, so Brewier and Oliver worked on getting the generator up and running.

Then they played ball. Can you see the ball about to hit Brewier in the stomach? Muahahaha!

Megan enjoying her Pad Thai, and not enjoying me take her picture.

My $4 Goodwill shoes. Now if I could find a small $4 leopard purse. I took the one I had just purchased, back to TJMax. Once I got it home and set it on my dresser, I realized it was the size of a small suitcase.

Brewier is in Atlanta filming, "Resurrection." This is the third time they've asked him to be an extra. No if he could just get a few lines....

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Elizabeth said...

Is that the current show that is on TV? I need to catch up with the episodes! We have all those pretty trees changing color, it's just that the temps don't seem to match! although finally it is cooling down to acceptable fall weather, so i shouldn't complain.