Monday, October 20, 2014

Bucket LIsts, and Other Things I'm Pondering.

Ever since the movie was released, bucket lists have become de rigueur. I've never had a written list, just a few ideas of things I'd like to accomplish, bouncing around in my head. So much of what I planned to do, such as travel, open my own shop, and skydive, won't ever be crossed off, because of my environmental allergies; and while I don't want to use that as an excuse for not accomplishing things, it does dramatically limit my life...but in truth, I'm also kind of lazy. I got to thinking about this today after talking to Max, a regular at the coffee shop. When he found out I was from Florida, he asked if I played golf. "No," I replied. (Though I wanted to play, there are too many chemicals used on a golf course.) Then he inquired if I skied, or fished. Again, I had to tell him no. Thankfully our conversation was interrupted by Oliver, offering Max, a cookie he had baked, but I do start to feel a bit low when people ask me what I do, or have done, because I think about all the things I had planned on doing in my life, and how few I've actually done. And telling people I sit around being fabulous all day, only goes so far. Two big things that I have been able to check of my list are, moving to Asheville, and meeting Jane.
Today my morning devotional was Proverbs 15; It's all about controlling your tongue and having a gentle answer. Oh my, the Lord knew I would need that today. There was a young couple from Michigan at the coffee house, looking at Craigslist ads, trying to find a place to live. At first I thought, what a sweet couple, but then they moved next to where I was sitting, and I became privy to their conversation. It would be more accurate to say the guy talked loud enough to make sure everyone knew how awesome and cool he was, and how he really felt like his Karma was in tune with hers for now, but that may not last. He spewed ridiculous quasi zen crap for 20 minutes, before his girl friend took a deep sigh and leaned into him, hugging his arm. He then became very angry and offended that she would sigh like that, because he knew what that meant, and informed her that her problem was that she didn't like herself, and maybe she should just go back to Michigan. For the hour we were there, I never heard her speak; she just hugged and smiled at the guy. It took every ounce of self control I had not to interrupt them and tell her to run away from this abusive, self important douche, as fast as she could. I've not been able to get this couple off of my mind...maybe I should have left a note, telling her she deserves so much better. Those would have been kind words, right?
Heres a list of what I've done so far today.
Devotions, wash my hair, put on make up, get dressed, unload and load dishwasher, wash a load of towels. wrestle Oliver, go to my chiropractor, made tea for Megan, visit with my Mojo friends, ordered a pair of boots on Amazon, watched a video on how to winter my geraniums, debated whether or not to blog about el douche, blogged, started a batch of bone broth, and,
Brewier and I planted these window boxes today; I like the color they bring to the porch.

Maybe I could tell people I practice the art of being Martha Stewart?


Brewier Welch said...

You love and put up with me. For me, that is enough.

Elizabeth said...

Oh Tricia, I feel the same as you do! I would love to do a bunch of things but my hinderance forever was my hip. Once that was fixed, the back pain reared its ugly head and limits me from so much physically that I really worry what will become of me as I age. There are days I wonder what I have done all day, and then it is 4 o'clock and I'm looking at pinterest! Hahaha. The only thing I feel somewhat accomplished with is my little tiny Etsy shop. I sold 6 red capes so far and that pushed the limits of my back, but it was fun. Know that you have a bookend over here in California of yourself haha

On the topic of that idiot guy in the coffee shop, I can never understand some girls that don't see the red flags in a relationship early enough! I think all the girls today should read that book "He is just not that into you." It would save them a ton of heart ache.

Linda Sue McKinney said...

I think you don't need to practice being Martha Stewart - you are such an exquisite production of Tricia - I mean really why screw around with something God already made right the first time?
I love the window boxes -