Monday, September 15, 2014

Too Much!

Whenever I have a busy day/days, I find it hard to blog, because there is just so much! So here is Saturday, list style.
UNCA Tailgate Market.
Walked around campus to an Autism Awareness event.
Drove downtown to an African/Caribbean festival.
Walked around downtown listening to the buskers and stumbled across an Investigate Lifestyles event, with some great music.
Had lunch at Green Sage, then went sunglass shopping.
Went to the Biltmore for a wine tasting event, then came home and had wine and cheese on the deck.
Megan joined us and said she wished she had gone to the wine tasting, so we all got into the car to visit the Biltmore for a second round of wine tasting.
Biltmore has live music Friday and Saturday nights, so we stayed for that.Oliver had a great time running around to the music, trying to escape the attention of two young girls. He finally gave up and gave them hugs.
As we were driving through downtown on the way home, we passed by some excellent musicians, so we parked the car, and walked around for an hour or so.
Once home, we all crashed. It was a most excellent day.

Yoga in the park. There was also a yoga class at Wicked Weed Brewery, followed by a beer tasting. I told Brewier we should really do that sometime.

The, "Before I Die," wall, downtown.

Wine tasting at the BIltmore.

These three women bring scarves to share and dance with.

Olivers admirers.

Megan found this pillow in a Biltmore shop. I think I need it.

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