Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Fair

We attempted to go to the fair Thursday morning, but found the gates locked, and the hours posted saying that the fair didn't open until 3pm. Opps. Friday morning we once again headed to the fair, this time knowing it would be open. Oliver has been begging to ride the ferris wheel. Last year when we went, he was still pretty little for rides, and we had to cajole him, with only limited success, to try them out. This year things were a bit different. We bypassed all other fair activities and headed straight for the amusement section. After shelling out 50 bucks for tickets, (yikes,) we took him to the kiddie section, where the rides are geared to his size. While he enjoyed these rides, the entire time he was on them he kept pointing to the next thing he wanted to do, which was usually some kind of big, swing you around, and upside down, adult ride. He reminds me so much of Megan at that age. We took her and Jessica to Busch Gardens, and the bigger and scarier the ride was, the more Megan wanted to go on it. Riding restrictions were a bit lax back then, and she went on several rides she was much too small for; I was certain she was going to slide out of one of the roller coasters that had her going upside down...of course, she loved it.

Yep, thats Megan.

This is last years post on the fair; Oliver has grown so much!

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