Thursday, September 04, 2014

Take Me To the River, and Random Facts.

Tuesday we went to Davidson River to celebrate Olivers' friend, Alex, birthday. I've been missing the beach, and this was the perfect cure.

We also made a quick stop by Looking Glass Falls, but didn't stay long, or get many photos, due to a couple insistent on making out right in front of the falls, preventing all the people there from taking photos. (you can see them in the bottom corner of my photo.)

Random facts,because it is Wednesday...wait, I just checked with Brewier, to make sure its Wednesday,and it's Thursday! Those long weekends always throw me off.

1. My new favorite movie is, "About Time." Love. It. I ask everyone who visits me if they want to watch it. I hand them a tissue when they say yes.

2. The Asheville paper did a piece on homelessness, and how it can happen to everyone. As my close friends know, that is one of my biggest concerns for myself. I even scope out places in the woods, and along the roads, where I could, "live," if it ever happens.

3. I finally get to meet Jane! Have you been following, Right Coast, Left Coast? My photo today is called, Ode to Wes Anderson.

4. This past week, three different people have told me how good looking my husband is. I agree.


Brewier Welch said...

It must be my new faux hawk!

Darlene Sherwood said...

No Brewier. It's not the haircut. It's because your face in not all scrunched up from work tension!