Monday, September 29, 2014

So I Guess This Weekend Was Kind of My Birthday?

Even though my birthday isn't until December. As you know I've been looking for a new purse, to replace the Salvation Army handbag I've been carrying. It's a great bag; Fossil, leather, great for me, but not quite my style. I've been trying to find a black leather crossbody that had some style. The closest I've come is this Fossil bag. Kind of pricey, but good quality.
Brewier and I were in TJMaxx on Friday and they had just received a new shipment of handbags, so of course I had to scope them out, looking for the perfect crossbody. While living in FL, I could carry a statement bag; all I ever did was get in and out of the car and walk through a store. Here, I really need something that keeps my hands free. So how is it I came home with this gorgeous, perfectly my style, but not at all what I was looking for, purse?

I justified it's purchase when Brewier said it could be my birthday/Christmas present.
Then yesterday, Megan and Oliver walk into my room with a small wrapped box. I kept overhearing Oliver ask Megan, "Where is Maemaae's necklace?" But thought nothing of it. Seems Mr. Oliver can't really keep a secret, so he and Megan gave me this early birthday present. It's a necklace I'd been admiring at Horse and Hero, made by a local artist.

So, I guess with all these goodies over the weekend, my birthday is going to be kind of a bust.

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Elizabeth said...

When you find that perfect black cross body purse, let me know! I too have been looking for one as well. I love purses, so I would have bought a statement purse too ;) I have some that I bought when I lived in Paris from a brand called Lancel. You can't find this brand in the US, which is a shame, since they are so beautiful. I bought this little tiny purse, that I have never used, because it was cute! Hahaha. Now I look at it like a little souvenir of my life there.