Sunday, September 21, 2014

Short and Sweet

Or maybe just short.
This guy went to Atlanta on Friday to be an extra on, "Resurrection." We binged watched the first season last week so we'd know what it was about. We thought they'ed want him with his faux hawk and sun glasses, but wardrobe had him slick his hair down, take off his glasses, and gave him a different shirt to wear.

My mom hates Brewier's haircut, but she's in the minority. Everytime we go out, multiple women tell him how much they like his hair, so for now, I'll keep cutting it like this.

I'm still searching Craigslist for a travel trailer. On my bucket list is to drive to the Pacific Northwest. My new issue of Garden and Gun, had this picture of the interior of a trailer. Yeah, I could roll with that. I love the bear. Our bear hasn't been around for awhile; he wasn't looking so good last time he walked past the house.

It has been gorgeous here, and most of our day is spent on the back deck, when we're not walking around downtown. Can you see Brewier sitting under the umbrella?

I've started having Megan take pictures of what I wear. Just because.

After languishing in my closet for a couple of months, I wore the leopard shoes out. (and this is the perfect skirt I blogged about. I ordered it in grey, yesterday.)

We had pizza for dinner. I love pizza.

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Linda Sue McKinney said...

you are SO stylish - I just clothe myself -
at the risk of being ostracized - I'm in the minority - I think Brewier is a handsome man but I prefer a less radical hairstyle -
I love pizza too - somehow it shows up on my butt and belly more than on yours!