Sunday, September 28, 2014

Seen in Asheville.

Brewier and I went on an actual date Friday night, walking around downtown, listening to the buskers, then to Pritchard Park for the drum circle, and stopping by LAB, for a flight, and some pumpkin porter. Forget Starbucks and their chemical laden pumpkin spice lattes, I've been waiting a year to once again enjoy a pumpkin porter.

I see this guy downtown all the time.

Sister Bad Habit, usually seen riding a bike through downtown.

Random, beautiful, art installation.

This is what I wore on my date. (yeah, I know, I have a striped shirt on in the first picture. That was actually taken on Saturday, after telling Brewier that I needed another pumpkin porter.)
I never realized until I wore them, that Asheville's sidewalks were designed to be death to high heels, causing me to look like a baby deer learning to walk, as I navigated the cracks. (Megans description.)

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Elizabeth said...

You guys look so adorable! Love Brewie's hair too. That beer looks divine.