Thursday, September 11, 2014

I Want To, But.....

Anxiously I await the changing light, cooler nights, and the falling leaves, that signal me to start transitioning my house to autumn. This year I find myself having trouble bringing out my fall decor, and today I realized why; I live with yellow and deep gold walls. Bleh. If this were my permanent home, I'd have had these walls painted in my favorite mucky grey colors, ages ago. (I know, the Nester would say just paint, but it would take big bucks to cover these 20 foot high walls, with multiple coats of Mythic paint.)
Notice how each wall is a different color, ranging from butter yellow, to baby poop.

So far, this is all the autumn decor I've put out.

I took a quick picture of this months, "Real Simple,"magazine, because how fabulous is that handbag?

And for bit of randomness; this is what happens when you ignore your kombucha for a month. Look at that mother! It was too big to get out whole, so Kelly hacked it to bits for me; no easy feat, as it was as tough as a tendon.

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