Monday, September 01, 2014

A Big Announcement. And Cash, the Hipster Squid.

In anticipation, and celebration, of Jane and I finally meeting at the end of the month, after seven years...or is it 8... of online friendship, we have resurrected our photo blog, Right Coast, Left Coast.
Go check it out!

Yesterday was Jenny last day here in Asheville :( Before catching her flight, we were able to stop downtown at LAAFF, (Lexington Avenue Arts and Fun Festival.) There were numerous artists, and this has been my favorite festival yet. Megan had a poem written about her and Oliver going to the moon, and Jenny had one written about her travels. ($10, a pop, typed on ribbon. Very cool.)

This lovely lady makes monsters for a living. Oliver was enamored with several creatures, but ended up bringing, "Shiver Me Tentacles," home with us. We have since named him, Sid the Squid.

Sid is tied backpack style around Oliver. Oliver is tied backpack style around Megan.

Olivers friend Alex, was visiting today, and there was quite the battle over Sid, and who would get to hug him and for how long. Tomorrow is Alex's birthday, so I whipped up a monster for him this afternoon.

Oliver hijacked the monster, mid project. He was trying to blindly walk around the house, but I made him sit for the picture.

Here is the finished monster, "Cash," so named because he's made from cashmere sweaters. I wrote a bio for him. Cash, the hipster squid, is often seen singing outside of Asheville coffee houses. He likes single origin, dark roast coffee, locally roasted, of course.

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Linda Sue McKinney said...

Monstrously amusing around your place! Cash could have been a girl monster you know - equal opportunity monsterism we believe!