Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Why Can't It Be Like the Matrix?

Where you could just download what ever you needed to know, straight into your brain. I loathe reading instruction manuals. Hate, really. I've always had trouble with directions, even in school, I'd often have trouble understanding what was wanted for an assignment. The instruction manual is what has kept the sewing machine I got for Christmas, hidden away in its box. Projects have been piling up, so this afternoon I unpacked the machine and all of its accouterments.

I then felt the immediate need for a cup of ginger tea, not that I was trying to procrastinate or anything but, because I've been eating all my inflammation triggering food. Oh, and look, the kitchen floor needs swept, and I'll just wash up these few dishes.I went back and was about to open the instruction manual, and thought, "I should really blog about this." And here I am, thinking maybe I could just fly Heather up from FL, and she could show me how to use this fancy shmancy thing.

So I just watched part of the instructional dvd, and have threaded my machine and wound the bobbin. Oliver has been sitting next to me asking me questions the entire time. Now I remember yet another reason it's taken me this long to try and learn this machine. Endless, questions, and a little hand grabbing at all the attachments. I really regret donating my old, (working, industrial strength,) machine when we moved here. It would have been perfect for Oliver to tinker with...needle removed.

Okay, I tried sewing, and something is wrong with the machine. It won't even sew a straight stitch correctly, let alone a decorative stitch and no amount of tension adjusting is taking care of the problem. Ugh...sometimes I really wish I had an old fashioned, treadle operated, Singer.

In happier news, I got to meet up with my longtime friend, Sharoon, at Mountain Mojo, this morning. We hadn't seen each other since 1997!

Now you can see just how fabulous I really am.


Elizabeth said...

Don't think it is the tension that is the problem because the new machines are already set to go with the tension. Somehow it looks like the bobbin isn't catching properly. Also if the bobbin wasn't wound correctly and is loose possibly? Those drop in ones are tricky I think. Brothers are good machines. I had to laugh though, when you wrote about trying to read the instructions to it.....this is me with my Brother overlock machine! Bran spanking new, and I am terrified to use it!!!!!!! Even though I have a local guy that is a genius with sewing machines, and could fix it fi I ruin it, I still find a million things to do instead of giving it a try hahahaha. My other suggestion, is to go to a quilt shop or sewing shop and see if they will give yo a mini lesson on the machine. I did this when I bought my Bernina and it helped a lot!!

Linda Sue McKinney said...

I finally admitted to myself I wasn't going to find/use time to relearn sewing and use fancy new machine I'd bought. Gave it to a young friend (12 going on 25 I think!) who loves to sew and didn't have a proper machine. Whew - a good deed and lift the burden of having to learn yet another Instruction Manual! I admire you for trying and Oliver -keep your cute mitts off the machine - you'll be happier in the long run!
Great idea about going to sewing shop -

Darlene Sherwood said...

I wish I was there.
I could read the instructions, you could try the suggested procedure then you could tell me, "No that can't be right".
We would of course need to stop for numerous cups of tea while Oliver figures out the whole thing and shows you how to use your new machine. <3