Sunday, August 17, 2014

Must Make Money.

Yesterday was a busy day. We finally had our garage sale, and while we did okay, we didn't get nearly as much traffic, or sales, here on top of the mountain, as we did downtown. There's a big pile of stuff in the driveway, including a dining room table and chairs, for The Salvation Army to pick up. After the sale Megan did a practice set up for next weekend, and The Big Love Fest. While she was busy with that, Oliver striped naked and took a swim in the fish pond. I'd been wondering how long it would take before that happened.

I was hoping to make enough money to buy this. We don't have a coffee maker; hard to believe, I know, considering at one time I had 12. The problem is plastic, and chemical leaching. Espresso makers are either stainless or aluminum. This is the Espresso maker Im lusting after. It gets great reviews AND it's pretty.Its also on sale, but still unaffordable, even though its one of the cheaper ones. Maybe if I stopped buying cofee for a year I could save up....yeah, that's not gonna happen.


Elizabeth said...

I had one similar to this one when I lived in France. It was fun, but I really love the ease of the nespresso. It has 19 bars of pressure too which makes a beautiful crema, while this one only had 15. Target now even sells a well priced set with the milk frother. Although it is fun though to play barista with this type I must say.

Linda Sue McKinney said...

beyond my level of fussing with coffee but it IS impressive - how much counter space does it consume? I'm sure you couldn't survive with my go to machine right now - we use a Keurig and it works great for the two of us. Michael drinks two cups a day - that's all. I start with two and then indulge at various times during the day - often with teas and have been making iced tea with it - lazy woman's guide to beverages?