Sunday, August 03, 2014

Miss Me?

This week has been filled with hiking, antiquing and a visit from my mom and stepdad. We've had lovely weather this week, and took advantage of the cooler temperatures by hiking a trail off the Blue Ridge Parkway, conveniently located just a few miles fro Mountain Mojo. Oliver loves being out in, "The trees and the wild." When I say we, I don't mean Dick and mom. She's having both knees replaced this month.

Mom and Dick at Mojo. Everyone who visits get taken there.

After coffee we went to one of my favorite Asheville shops, The Screen Door. Unfortunately there is now a dealer who sells heavily fragranced candles, and another dealer in the back who must be refinishing furniture at the shop, so our visit was cut short, (My mom has breathing issues too.) This display greets you as you walk in the building; I could live in that perfect little corner.

Yesterday I cleaned out my top dresser drawer, and replace the drawer liner that I put in when Brewier and I first married in 1981. I never thought I'd still have this ancient dresser, so I always put off replacing the paper.

Today we went to the Biltmore, because its what we do when its nice out; it's like having our own personal park. We strolled the gardens and hiked a trail, the beginning of which was bamboo.

Yes, those are banana trees; I live in a temperate rainforest.

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Elizabeth said...

OO I want that swing bet :) Looks very warm out your way! My husband was in Raleigh a couple of weeks a ago and said it was very green, but I suppose with all that beautiful green comes humidity in the summer. Here is crispy hot hahaha. Love that picture of you with Megan and Oliver!