Saturday, August 09, 2014

Lazy Saturday

We keep talking of having a garage sale, but every Saturday has predictions of rain. Today was supposed to be chilly and grey; it was sunny and 80 degrees. One of these days... Megan made a delicious frittata for breakfast and we took it to Mojo, to enjoy with our perfect americanos.

After eating we moved inside, and Brewier watched Rescue Bots with Oliver.

I had to dash outside due to some overly fragranced people, and Meg took my picture because she liked my outfit. I love the pants. They have a red stripe running down the leg.

After Mojo, we went to The Screen Door, where this giant praying mantis sculpture greeted us.

I like these colorful spools.

And who knew flamingos like Jello?

After our fun morning out, the rest of the day has been spent cleaning, and playing outside in the rain. Not a bad Saturday.

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Elizabeth said...

Ummm, that picture of you is incredible! Love it :)