Friday, August 22, 2014

Chimney Rock

We've tried twice to visit Chimney Rock, only to turn around and head home because of it being too busy; but this is the golden week in Asheville, when the majority of tourists have gone home because their kids have started school Yay! We arrived early in the day, before other visitors, but not before stopping at Mountain Mojo, for coffee. Chimney Rock has an elevator to the top, but we climbed the stairs. All 500 of them.

Sarah, I took this photo of my feet especially for you :)

Thats Lake Lure, where, "Dirty Dancing," was filmed.

For once, I planned ahead and brought a picnic.

There were lots of rocks and boulders to climb after eating. See my tiny family down there?

King of the mountain.

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Vickie said...

There used to be a boy scout camp at Lake Lure. It's where we spent our honeymoon. Someone bought the boy scout camp and rented out the individual cabins. It was a really nice place to stay. We found out later it was where a lot of Dirty Dancing was filmed.