Tuesday, July 15, 2014

You've heard of Wordless Wednesday?

Well, this is, Too Tired Tuesday. This cool cat keeps me busy. Honestly, we don't tell him how to dress...or pose. This is all Oliver.

I did two rounds of blackberry picking today. There are bushes growing wild all along the roads here, and nobody picks them. Brewier and I are in foragers heaven. Megan has already made two cobblers, and I have 2 pints of berries in the freezer.

Are these raspberries? We have several of these bushes in our backyard, and I'm hoping they're edible, but I'm not eating them until I know what they are. I saw the movie Blue Lagoon. You don't eat the red berries.

Oliver and I painted bird houses, went to the park and the library; did two trips to UPS, and two trips to the grocery store.

I did a little hand sewing, (I love hand sewing and mending, I find it soothing,) and replaced boring buttons with sparkly ones. Or as Oliver says, "Farkly." He also says,"Fritzer," instead of spritzer. Cracks me up every time.

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