Thursday, July 17, 2014

What I Wear - Wardrobe Edit

I'm still working at editing my wardrobe; it's relaxing and something I really enjoy doing. While my wardrobe is quite small, I wear very few of the items I own. This is my entire, four season wardrobe, (I do have two winter knit dresses in a drawer.)

These are the pieces I actually wear, and it makes me happy seeing so few things. While I love neutrals, this is pretty colorless, except for my new, coral, linen cardigan. It looks great over all my grey things. See all those stripes? I'm vowing not to buy ay more striped items, this after I bought yet another striped shirt at JCrew last week.

After two winters of staying warm by layering my Florida clothes, I need to purchase some actual winter clothing. I just want to be very selective on what I add to my closet. I got a great pair of Sam Edleman boots from Amazon last week, on clearance for $67! (Normally $200.) Not only do they look great, they fit my fussy feet and bird legs.


Linda Sue McKinney said...

splendid boot choice - I ordered on DSW clearance a pair of (didn't know he made shoes as well as foot medicaments) Dr. Scoll's - they are a suede with wedge heel - rather comfortable and will be good for dressing up a tad this winter.
Wonderful to pare down your wardrobe so nicely (is the coral linen cardigan an Eileen Fisher? 'cause I bought one recently also!)

gagmewithaspoon said...

Hi there! I like your post. I am trying to edit my unruly wardrobe myself

Best Keptself said...

Whoo, you know how to rock your entire, four season wardrobe! Love!