Wednesday, July 09, 2014

The First Two Days.

Sarah arrived early yesterday morning and from the airport we headed straight to Mountain Mojo. After a leisurely cup of coffee and much fashion talk, we stopped at a couple of stores for snacks before going home. Once home, we tucked ourselves away in my room, where I proceeded to try on every item of clothing I own, purging the less than flattering things and creating new outfits with the items I kept. Yes, we consider this great fun. Sarah went through my cast offs and was able to find a couple of things that would work into her wardrobe, and she brought me some of her cast offs that work great for me. Now, the really odd thing about that is, we are built completely different...yet I can wear her jeans...she can wear my tops. It's really quite strange and later in the week I will post pictures of us wearing the same articles of clothing.
Here is Sarah in my long brunette wig, that has never seen the light of day. Doesn't she look like a twenty-something movie star?

In the midst of closet chaos. All those shoes lying around the room? The work of Oliver; a high heel obsessed boy. He had to try on every pair.

Sarah couldn't decide which on of my new shoes to try on first, so why not one of each.

Refreshments on the deck. Megan is doing all the cooking for us. Yes, I'm quite spoiled and blessed.

Today I woke up feeling the beginnings of a cold, so we made it a pajama day. We sat side by side ont the sofa, talking fashion and playing dice on our ipads. Hours of dice.

I'm praying that I feel better tomorrow so we can go out shopping.
And as much as it drives the ocd side of me crazy, I'm going to post about Jessica's visit last week, later in this week.

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