Friday, July 25, 2014

Like Twice

First let me say, this is NOT a spsonsered post, I'm just really am excited about this website. Twice is an online resale shop, that I have been spending lots of time with. Now that I don't have cable tv, I'm dealing with stress, (did I mention Brewier quit his heinous job and is currently unemployed?) by online shopping. Mostly window shopping, but I have ordered a couple of winter pieces. I've been really happy with the selection and quality of the things they offer and that I've bought. Of the 6 items I purchased, (free shipping and 40% off,) I'm keeping four; and return shipping is free. This is my winter wear so far.

A Gap, blue and grey wool dress.

An Anthropologie, funky striped wool jacket.

A Ralph Lauren wool sweater. Love the style and color of this.

And this is an Ann Taylor super soft sweater that looks great on me, but I may have to return it because who ever previously owned it was a strong believer in heavily fragranced laundry detergent and fabric softener. I've been airing it out for days, and It still stinks. It even made the other items that shipped with it, all in seperate sealed plastic bags, stink.

I have two other items on the way, (it takes about 3 days after I place an order, to recieve the clothes,) and I've mailed in some of my clothing to sell. (Free shipping for that too!) I'm kind of excited about being able to purchase higher quality clothing for less than I would spend on something at Target or TJMax. If you decide to try them out, would you follow this link? I get a $10 credit if you make a purchase, so maybe I could get a pair of jeans to go with those cute sweaters.

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