Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Could He BE Any Cuter?

Okay, maybe, just maybe, I'm a bit biased, but everywhere we go people comment on what a charmer he is. We visited a new cafe today, and of course he flirted and made friends with the barista, who I know I've met somewhere before. I spent the whole time there trying to figure out where I'd met her, she said I looked familiar to her too.

Oliver and a blue tailed skink, that his momma caught.

Brewier finished the koi pond. He ended up rebuilding the entire thing including the waterfall, and buying a new pump. Yesterday he put eight fish into it, but by this morning they were gone; some creatures tasty dinner.

My new shoes...you know, for all the parties and fancy events I go to. Or, I could just where them to the coffee shop. I LOVE them.

Getting ready to celebrate Independence Day.

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