Monday, July 28, 2014

Big Time Weekend.

Or, does it get any better than this? Saturday Brewier woke up planning to be spontaneous. Yes, he plans spontaneity. What ever - it works for me. We had talked about going to Tryon a little town south of us that I'd heard was quite charming. We drove the scenic back roads,(I live in the most beautiful state,) and saw a sign pointing to, "Pearson's Waterfall." Going with the whole spontaneous theme, we turned down a little road and followed the signs. I'm so glad we did because it was lovely and devoid of crowds. We stood alone, for 20 minutes, marveling at the beauty before us.

After the falls we drove the 10 minutes to Tryon, which was pretty disappointing. There were a few boutiques and a whole lot of empty store fronts. We then headed home, but not before stopping to see the Carl Sandburg house, and this funky tree root,(I wonder what it had been growing around?) on the walk up to his home.

As fun as Saturday was, Sunday was even better. My mom and step dad had driven to KY, from FL, to visit my brother, Ken, and we decided to do a day trip to Danville. Before going to my brothers, we made a stop in Richmond, Ky, where Brewier and I met, my first day of college. We were able to meet up with two members of, "The Family," from those college days. Irish, the young man on the left, had the apartment next to Brewier and that is where we all gathered every night, often into the wee hours of the morning. Think, "The Big Chill." We're going to try for a Family reunion in the fall. The VERT license plate is an inside joke, and a thoughtful gift I will treasure forever.

Once in Danville, Brewier and I visited with my BFF from high school, Keith. When together, it's like we're still teenagers. It's funny, both with Keith, and Dave in Richmond, brought up how much we missed those days and wished we could go back. Yep, I need to start working on that time machine.

We had lunch with my family at a Mexican restaurant. Yes, I was able to be inside a restaurant. Miracles do happen.

It was a really great weekend.

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Jane said...

Great weekend! And that pic of you is awesome. You look amazing. Stunning, really.