Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Really? No One?

Other than Jessicas' father in-law who commented on FB, that his song would be Kodachrome, (He's a photographer,) not a single comment on theme songs. Kinda sad.
I've been staying at home these past few days, trying to get the house organized...our garage is packed with boxes for a garage sale, and trying to figure out how to arrange the furniture in the house. I rearrange things every two or three weeks.
Brewier has been busy tiling the main floor bathroom. The owners put down new vinyl the week before we moved in, which we immediately ripped out. Unfortunately that didn't take care of the chemical smell, so we sealed the subfloor, taped up the bathroom door, and are now tiling. We haven't used that bathroom since moving in, and while its not convenient to run up stairs every time I have to pee, (I'm a big water drinker,) I now have buns of steel.

Brewiers other project has been emptying and cleaning the koi pond. HUGE undertaking. The whole thing was lined in rocks and he's taken all of those out too.

Monday,Oliver asked to take a picture with my phone. I gave it to him and he proceeded to stalk Kelly at Mojo. He has a bit of a crush on her.

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Elizabeth said...

I think it depends on the day for a theme song for me. hahah If I were in a fantastic mood and all things were in place for the day, it would have to be U2's "It's a Beautiful Day." Other wise, if I'm just in a normal mood and shuffling along, it would have to be some no name oldie song from the 30's. I'm terrible at naming songs and the artists that go with them. Hahah.

Are you going to fill the pond back up with koi?

I think my landlord would have a hissy fit if I ripped out new vinyl flooring that they just put in. Glad yours was more cooperative!