Friday, June 06, 2014

Never Again.

That's what Megan and I say every time we visit Greenville, SC, as we did today. Imagine Orlando's bumper to bumper traffic, and its poorly skilled, aggressive drivers, combined with Ashevilles badly timed traffic lights. It's a real nightmare. 25 years ago, we looked into moving to Greenville; we were working with a realtor and everything. Greenville was a small, gentle southern town, much like Asheville is today. Oh how things have changed. The disheartening thing is, I know the same thing is happening to the town I love and call home. Now on to other things.
I've been teaching Oliver how to cook himself breakfast, starting with scrambled eggs. I'm really impressed that he has mastered cracking the eggs into the bowl by himself; and cooking his own breakfast means he's more likely to eat it.

This came in the mail yesterday, all the way from the UK. Thank you Sarah Ollei, for your lovely letters and thoughtful gifts. You rock, and are such an encouragement to me. (Smashed pennies and Viking coins.)

Every time I go into Target and spy this necklace, I think of Jessica. I wonder if it would be a good birthday present, or is it too common? (Feel free to comment on this post, Jessica.)

This pile of dirt has me so excited! It means that the building of Ashevilles first Publix is underway. Oddly enough, I don't even shop Publix anymore...but it's PUBLIX!

Random rooster petting photo.

Oliver caught a moth for his, "Momma Girl." He started calling her that after I refered to her as my little girl. He said, "NO! It's MY Momma Girl!"

And now, let the weekend begin!

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Elizabeth said...

Those pictures of Oliver as so darn cute!! That is sweet that he can make scrambled eggs!