Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Stitch Fix Review

Today I received my long awaited for Stitch Fix. Megan has gotten 3 Fixes and had great success with them, keeping all 5 items in her last box. It has been fun putting together an inspiration board and anticipating my box! Here is what I was sent, and my Pintrest board that the stylist had as a guideline.

Kensie Jeans, $88, Striped cotton tee, $48, Sleeveless silk blouse, $78, Print maxi dress, $68, Enameled necklace, $38

Along with the clothing is a very handy styling guide. Oliver loves these and is always eager to tell us what his favorite outfit is; in this case, the sleeveless top with a red skirt.

Overall I was impressed with the box, and thought my stylist, Raina, did a really good job. The color palette is beautiful. I stated that I didn't want any synthetic fabrics, and she honored that request. I also said I didn't wear sleeveless items, but was sent two. The dress is the wild card, but part of the service is to get you out of your rut. I loved the jeans and striped top, but both were too small. The maxi dress was huge on me, and oh so hot to have on. The necklace is nice, but Forever 21 is much cheaper on trendy accessories. The sleeveless blouse is the only item that fits, but I'm not sure it's worth $78. The styling fee is $20 which you pay even if you keep nothing, but is deducted from the purchase price if you keep anything, and there is a 25% discount if you buy the whole box. I have three days to send back what I don't want. I will probably try the service again in the fall, and I will give my stylist my measurements in the Notes section of my style survey.

EDIT: If yo look at my Pinterest board, you will notice that my stylist almost perfectly matched, on the sleeveless blouse, the crochet detail on a shirt I said I loved. Very impressive. I am however sending everything back. I think sending my measurements to stitch fix may help in future shipments.

I've been doing some shopping on Amazon too, lots of sales there on last winters styles. I bought this Vince Camuto skirt for $10 off and these Sam Edelman shoes for half price. I LOVE both these things. I'd like to get the skirt in every color; its so comfortable and will be great in the winter with leggings and boots...if I can ever find boots that fit. I'd ordered a pair off of Amazon, also half price, but my chicken legs swam in them.

I tried to take a photo of me wearing the skirt and shoes.

Interested in trying a Stitch Fix for yourself? Follow this link, Megan will get a $25 credit if you do :)


Vickie said...

Love those shoes!!

Elizabeth said...

I wish I had your chicken legs! I have the opposite problem with boots. The calf is always too small. Frye Boots are amazing and have smaller calf fit, you may want to try them.

Love your shoes and skirt. :)

LindaSue said...

very nice shoes - quite stylish and yes have a classic color scheme. Oliver's undies and sport shoe combo spot on for this summer's hot looks - hehehe
I am sure I'd never find a mailed to me fashion thing all that useful - I am blessed to live in a general area with TONS of good shopping - have recently spent more on clothes than I have in a decade - and I LIKE the pretty things i've purchase