Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hell Must Have Frozen Over.

Because I went to a party last night.
Kelly's birthday is this Saturday, and she had a low country boil last night to celebrate. So. Good. Of course Oliver was elated to be there and kept saying, "This is so special!" I had a great time, though I'm sure to any onlooker it appeared otherwise. I sat in the shade away from most everyone else, observing and listening. It's what I do.

The lovely birthday girl, and a most unflattering picture of me. Or maybe it really is what I look like. The past couple of days my hair has not been working for me and twice while out shopping, I was asked if I got the senior citizen discount. Oh my pride....I was still being carded when I bought wine just 3 short years ago.
But as I was saying, the party was laid back, fragrance free, with great music, and we were happy to be included in the festivities.


Brewier Welch said...

I think your haircut makes you look younger.

Mrs. Cheerio said...

Your new hair is amazing!!! You look great!