Sunday, June 15, 2014

Have You Seen the Fathers Day Video?

Brewier posted this on his FB page this morning. It's about the perfect fathers day from a mans point of view.

Brewiers father day is sadly, the opposite of that. He his still working on eliminating the strong chemical odor from the guest bath. Here is what he has done so far. Ripped out vinyl, sealed the subfloor with very expensive sealer, put down tile and grouted it, only to realize the odor is still there. Yesterday we discovered the paint was pretty stinky, (Valspar,) so he sealed the walls and is now painting them, (two coats,) with Mythic paint. While he toils away on his special day, I'm sitting at the table cutting out pages from one of the 14 catalogs, (12 pounds worth,) Restoration Hardware sent me. I'm rolling pages into straws to make a wreath for the guest room. Yeah...its a hard knock life for me. Oh, and Brewier also removed all the tint from the windows on our car. He went to have it inspected so we could pay our taxes on it, and the guy looked at it and said, "You moved here from Florida, didn't you?" Too dark for N.C. standards.

And right now, he just got back from work, because when your job is 24/7, there are no holidays.

Happy Fathers Day sweetie.

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Elizabeth said...

Oh no, poor guy!

I heard about the huge Restoration Hardware catalog aren't there many combined and weighing a ton? since I moved I haven't gotten any :( I love catalogs.